software as a service for open source distribution rightsIPCompass makes it easy to update product license data anywhere
commercial and open source license complianceYou're covered with IPCompass hosted license management
inbound technology license and cost trackingIPCompass tracks third-party licenses through any bill of materials
hosted contract manager in the cloudIPCompass allows around-the-globe access to real-time updates

IPCompass® Feature Videos

Getting Started

Entente's first "Feature" video, showing out-of-the-box functionality.
Features covered: Pre-populated data, The Entente "Library", Drag-and-drop interface, Tree-structure component tracking

Creating a Bill of Materials

IPCompass shows off some powerful, yet easy to use, reporting features.
Features covered: Custom reporting with export to Excel, Easy-to-use search tools, Customized interface display

Software Bundles

Tracking the use of inbound technology has never been easier; even through multiple layers of embedded relationships.
Features covered: Create re-usable packages of components, Track commercial product suites with down-the-chain reporting

License Attributions

IPCompass helps you comply with open source notice requirements by tracking copyright statements wherever they may appear in your embedded components.
Features covered: Open source copyright attribution tracker, Custom downloadable reports

Document Upload

Store relevant documents at the point of context in IPCompass.
Features covered: Document management, Copy product records, Add new versions

License Audit

IPCompass profiles provide you with quick access to key areas of review. Before your next GA or RTM, pull up the Component Audit profile to ensure you haven't overlooked any key licensing, distribution, or payment terms.
Features covered: Profiles, License expiration tickler, License evidence verification

Export Compliance

IPCompass introduces integrated export classification tracking for your in-house products and third-party components. Export compliance can now be managed in the same context as component lifecycle management with centralized records and no additional overhead.
Features covered: Export compliance tracking, Custom profiles

Cost Tracking

Plan your software budget with point-of-need reporting on license and maintenance renewals, royalty payments, and cost center tracking. There's no better system to track your software costs than the system that tracks your software usage!
Features covered: License cost reporting, Royalty estimate and payment tracking, Software PO maintenance

Approval Requests

Improving communication between Engineering and Legal, IPCompass provides your developers with a hosted resource to look up approved third-party tools and submit requests to use new tools. Within the same resource, your legal team can monitor a queue of submitted requests, and specify important conditions for any approvals they provide.
Features covered: Approval automation, User permissions, Email distribution

More IPCompass Features

In addition to tracking licenses from open source projects and commercial vendors that are included in your commercial software products, IPCompass also provides a suite of valuable features to facilitate the overall product portfolio management process:

  • Obligation Analysis
  • Resource Library
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface
  • Contract Renewal Reminders
  • Export Spreadsheet Reports
  • Account Permission Settings
  • Contextual Web Hyperlinks
  • Advanced Search Parameters
  • Pre-Populated Data & Licenses
  • Data & License Import
  • Bill of Materials Budgeting
  • Industry-Expert Support
Watch the IPCompass Overview Demonstration
  • Compliance GuideThis white paper by Entente Software provides a practical roadmap to implementing a component compliance program at any software organization.
  • Planning vs ScanningThis Entente white paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using a license tracking tool versus automated code scanning for managing third-party software components.
  • IPCompass FAQThis frequently asked questions document addresses a variety of topics about implementing IPCompass and the benefits that other companies have realized.
  • IPCompass BrochureThis high-level product brochure provides a brief overview of the IPCompass mission to ease the burden of license compliance at software organizations.