hosted contract manager in the cloudIPCompass allows around-the-globe access to real-time updates
software as a service for open source distribution rightsIPCompass makes it easy to update product license data anywhere
commercial and open source license complianceYou're covered with IPCompass hosted license management
inbound technology license and cost trackingIPCompass tracks third-party licenses through any bill of materials

License Compliance Resources

Video Presentation: The Entente™ IPCompass® Solution

IPCompass tracks the relationships among your software products and the various third-party components you use under open source and commercial licenses. This data, together with important license obligation information, is tracked and presented in a hosted environment with account-level permissions to allow needed visibility with necessary controls.

Product Demo: Real-Time IPCompass Demonstration
Entente demonstrates the easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface of IPCompass in this real-time video. With its "available everywhere" approach, IPCompass promotes a collaborative environment for all product, compliance, and budgeting stakeholders can access and easily update a central repository of critical information that is tracked through all product builds and bill of materials.
White Paper: A Practical Guide to Implementing a Component Compliance Program
By utilizing the practices outlined in this white paper, companies can obtain the substantial benefits provided by third-party components while minimizing the associated risks. This practical approach leverages existing staff, and protects the substantial engineering investment of the company. A successfully deployed Component compliance program will reduce costs, reduce time to market, and provide an environment free of the disruptions caused by late‐stage engineering rework, audits and stop‐ship threats.
White Paper: Planning vs Scanning - considerations for the effective management of third-party software components
Code scanning is an excellent tool for pre-acquisition diligence, and for periodic checking of an ongoing process, but it is not a sustainable or comprehensive process to protect your key investments – engineering resources and intellectual property. The Entente method puts focus on the decisions that occur prior to including third-party components in your product; the time when the competitive advantages and risks are most effectively and inexpensively analyzed and addressed.

Useful Links

  • Compliance GuideThis white paper by Entente Software provides a practical roadmap to implementing a component compliance program at any software organization.
  • Planning vs ScanningThis Entente white paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using a license tracking tool versus automated code scanning for managing third-party software components.
  • IPCompass FAQThis frequently asked questions document addresses a variety of topics about implementing IPCompass and the benefits that other companies have realized.
  • IPCompass BrochureThis high-level product brochure provides a brief overview of the IPCompass mission to ease the burden of license compliance at software organizations.