hosted contract manager in the cloudIPCompass allows around-the-globe access to real-time updates
software as a service for open source distribution rightsIPCompass makes it easy to update product license data anywhere
commercial and open source license complianceYou're covered with IPCompass hosted license management
inbound technology license and cost trackingIPCompass tracks third-party licenses through any bill of materials

Comprehensive Inbound Technology Tracking

IPCompass® Software-as-a-Service

IPCompass tracks complex relationships among your products and third-party commercial and open source technologies. This unique capability allows you to collect cost and risk-related information on a per-product basis.

In addition to per-product views of third-party technology, IPCompass also displays views of third-party technology used across products and organizations – thus giving your company a portfolio / asset management view of your third-party investments, as well as schedules of upcoming licensing costs.

View the IPCompass Product Demonstration video for to see how the hosted “available everywhere” approach gives stakeholders from your engineering, product management, legal and finance groups a window into the costs, risks and requirements associated with your use of third-party technology.

Hosted IPCompass Features
Entente™ Best Practices

In today’s competitive environment, third-party technology must be incorporated into commercial products in order to deliver features within competitive go-to-market windows. Entente’s compliance policies, in tandem with the IPCompass hosted solution, provide a cost-effective structure for managing the costs and risks associated with licensed third-party technology.

Please review the brief Entente Software Compliance Guide. This policy may be used or modified by your company as you wish – there are no fees involved.

The IPCompass hosted application compliments this policy by providing structured, pre-populated input screens and business-effective displays that make your third-party technology investments visible and manageable to stakeholders across your organization.

License Compliance Resources
  • Compliance GuideThis white paper by Entente Software provides a practical roadmap to implementing a component compliance program at any software organization.
  • Planning vs ScanningThis Entente white paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using a license tracking tool versus automated code scanning for managing third-party software components.
  • IPCompass FAQThis frequently asked questions document addresses a variety of topics about implementing IPCompass and the benefits that other companies have realized.
  • IPCompass BrochureThis high-level product brochure provides a brief overview of the IPCompass mission to ease the burden of license compliance at software organizations.

Professional Services

Entente offers a variety of professional services directly, and through trusted partners.

Entente Software is committed to your success. Entente will provide initial training to your staff with regards to third-party policies and the use of IPCompass to compliment those policies. Entente’s professional services group is also available to work directly with your engineering, development, finance or legal department on overall compliance practices and policies. Entente also partners with outside licensing experts who specialize in open source license rights and commercial agreement analysis. Contact Entente today for more details.

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